Thursday, April 16, 2020

Friday Flashback: Friday the 13th VII

Often thought of as “Jason vs. Carrie”, this hidden gem of the Friday series is often overlooked… and that really grinds my gears.

One of the most hated of the F13 series is, of course, my favorite. I can't explain definitively WHY it’s my favorite, maybe I just enjoy certain aspects in the film that aren't found (and never were again) in any of the other sequels. Maybe I enjoy the whole “telekinetic angle” that actually gave Jason a formidable foe. Maybe as an adolescent I found the rich, snobby and pretentious blonde incredibly hot (ok, that’s not a maybe. It’s definite. 80’s hot! Fuck yeah!).

Maybe I found Tina (Lark Park Lincoln) to be such an awesomely bad actress that she either (A) Nailed the part of a troubled teen with more than a few sandwiches missing from her picnic basket who is in dire 
need of medication or a good slap from dear ol’ Dad- who she killed. By dismantling the dock… With mind bullets… Resulting in his drowning... In, like, 5 feet of water… But I digress… Or (B) I was amused by the simple fact that casting directors, producers and the actual director himself let her on set knowing how truly bad she was. Do I dare say that Paris Hilton’s big screen debut in “House of Wax” was vastly better in comparison? No. I do not (Paris’ acting skills are about as impressive as Lindsay Lohan’s “Just Say No” skills.) But their acting chops are too remarkably close for comfort.

 Basically, for me, it boils down to “Friday the 13th part VII” having a shit ton of Jason. Something you need to realize (and remember) is by this point Jason has fully grown into the Jason we know and love. He’s in full on zombified, heavily decomposed, bones protruding, skull exposing, near invincibility having, merciless, slippery without being wet mode! And it’s fucking fantastic! Not to mention the make-up provided in this film had Jason’s face so incredibly disfigured that, as a fan, by the time the big “reveal” takes place, you can’t help but be in awe at how far the ol’ mongoloid has come from a dingy sack.

So without further adieu, I present to you the trailer for “Friday the 13th part VII”
(Fun Fact: Friday the 13th part VII was originally intended to bring Jason and Freddy together for the first time.)